About Us

Do you or your family members surf web sites or use social media ? Of course you do. You are like just about everyone else. And, since you are like everyone else, each time you interact online you or your loved one leaves a digital footprint that the world can see. And, the world doesn’t just see it; they use it.  Today, businesses track your social media use and browsing behavior to determine if you are suitable to sell their products. Ever wonder why some of those banner ads look so familiar ?

Increasingly, other types of companies are using this same information to make decisions about your worthiness for a loan, whether to grant you insurance or to screen you for a job. This information is out there for the world to see. Why not see it for yourself ?

Your Social Insights is designed to prepare you for the ever changing world of information sharing that is developing as we speak. You need to be prepared for a man-versus-machine world where decisions affecting your life will happen without you even knowing it. This may sound like an overstatement, but it is happening right now.

Your profile exists in the form of raw data that is being assimilated from your digital footprint and your off-line activities. Every magazine subscription, public record, tweet, connection, interest, follow, re-tweet, etc. is currently being assimilated by government and businesses in some form or fashion to create a profile about you.

And, quite frankly, get used to it because there is not much you can do about it because it is legal and the economy is now built around it. Not only is not going away any time soon, the world is changing at an accelerating pace. Quite simply, everything you do is a piece of information that is being assimilated about you for use by third parties to make decisions that effect your life.

Empower yourself with Your Social Insights. Sign up today and start on a path to even the terms of your online interactions. A simple application will grant you immediate access to your social profile, including a suite of scores that will tell you what businesses think about…You.

Our Membership offers the chance to see your YSIScores in less than 30 seconds. Then compare yourself to people with similar interests. Our scores are statistically based to give you a snapshot of how third parties might think about….You. We provide Tips to help you improve your profile and you can watch it change over time through our tracking tools. And finally, benefit from the suggestions that other members have contributed from their own experiences.

We are just getting started. We plan to add additional features, including access to your credit report and bank account profiling tools. We would like you to be our customer and allow us to be your leader into the future of technology built for you!