Alerts and Trending

Like most things in life, your social media profile is dynamic.  The decisions you make regarding posts, both text and photographs, will influence your social media profile.  Your social media profile will improve with the addition of positive posts or the elimination of negative posts, while the opposite actions will have the inverse effect.

Your social media scores will fluctuate as a result with changes in your posts, friends and connections, among other things. Additionally, the pace with which your social media scores change will be dependent on the intensity of your social media activity.

At Your Social Insights, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive set of tools to understand and manage your social profile. This starts with you initial profile assessment as well as the ability to compare yourself to others within specific demographic groups and among those with similar interests. From there we provide you with specific tips to improve your social profile. These are derived from our own algorithms as well as those accumulated from the community of users who have faced similar issues and managed to improve their on-line attractiveness. Because we store your scores (only the scores and only for our use to provide the service to you), we are able to show you how your behavioral changes effect your profile. This trending mechanism is automatically updated twice per month (at the middle and end of the month) and you can elect to update your suite of scores up to two additional times at no additional charge. We will also send you periodic alerts when your scores have changed significantly via email so that you can log in to see what has changed.