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  • About Us

    Your Social Insights provides assessment and profiling tools to consumers who want to see the digital footprint that they leave when using on-line media. With your permission, we provide you with ratings about your on-line activity and compare it to the averages of others based upon your interests. We engage the community to provide tips along with our own prescriptive social media fitness tips which are both designed to help you improve your social profile. Our services are relevant to people who are entering life events such as a job search, seeking credit, and looking for insurance, as well as everyday things such as on-line shopping, gaming, or dating.

  • What does Your Social Insights do?

    Your Social Insights has developed a proprietary system for aggregating and analysing social media data that reflects the emerging practices used by many businesses to evaluate the merits of prospective customers and employees. We put this information into an easy to read social media profile and score that enables you to see yourself through the eyes of prospective employers, friends and service providers. Additionally, we provide you with insights into the components that make up your social media profile and relative rankings along a number of key dimensions versus peer groups and trending information that provides insights into these rankings over time. Finally, we offer suggestions that can enable you to actively improve your social media attractiveness in the future.

  • Why does Your Social Insights provide these services?

    Due to our experience in “on-line” and “off-line” businesses, we have seen a continued shift on the part of companies that collect immense amount of consumer data to learn more about consumers; for example, to make better underwriting and recruitment decisions that involve individual consumers. As we surveyed the landscape, we identified an opportunity to educate consumers and enable them to better understand the implications of their on-line and off-line activities for major decisions like securing a loan, procuring life insurance or getting a job. We want to empower consumers with the similar information these companies have in order for you to make informed decisions in your day-to-day activities.

Social Media

  • What is social media?

    Social media is content generated by individuals and published via highly accessible technology, including blogs and applications such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Unlike traditional media (e.g., newspapers and television) that requires significant resources for publication, social media is open to anyone and can be just as powerful.

  • Is this information tracking limited to social media ?

    No, this information can be simply called “your footprint”. In today’s world and increasingly in the future, your actions will be tracked and consolidated into databases that allow businesses and other parties to know more about “you” and use that information to make decisions that impact “you.” Our programmes are designed to empower “you” with the same information that others know about “you” so that you can make the most informed decisions for yourself.

  • Why should I care about social media?

    Social media is used by a significant percentage of the global population, and it use is growing at an exponential rate. If you use social media, you’re providing people you know – and many you do not – a window into your life. The information you share on social media helps form an opinion about you and impacts decisions that are made about you. If you do not use social media, there is a good chance your children do. Even if they aren’t mature enough to understand the implications of their social media activities, their online behaviour will serve as a permanent record that will impact them in the future. Your involvement can help make sure the impact is positive.

  • What social media applications does Your Social Insights monitor?

    We currently monitor Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Media Profile

  • How does Your Social Insights access my social media accounts to create my social media profile?

    We use the social media credentials you provide us to scan your social media applications and leverage both your private and public posts to create your social media profile. We cannot include all of your social media activity if you fail to provide us with correct credentials for all of your applicable accounts.

  • What is a social media profile?

    A social media profile is the impression your on-line activity and usage patterns on social media applications creates for others to see. It is based on the posts you make – both text and photographs - and friends with whom you are connected on social media websites.

  • Why is my social media profile important to me?

    Your social media profile forms the basis for both individual and corporate assessments of your personality, including your character and behaviour. While these parties don’t have access to your specific social media profile, the information used to create your social media profile is the same information individuals and businesses use to characterise you. Individuals use the information reflected in your social media profile to determine whether and to what degree they want to associate with you. Increasingly, businesses are using this same information to make decisions such as whether to hire you or to extend you a loan. Your relative rating in various social media profile dimensions versus your peer group is becoming especially important for commercial applications.

  • Will my social media profile change over time?

    Yes. Like most things in life, your social media profile is dynamic. The decisions you make regarding posts, both text and photographs, will influence your social media profile. Your social media profile will improve with the addition of positive posts or the elimination of negative posts, while the opposite actions will have the opposite impact.

  • Should I try to improve my social media profile?

    Yes. Your social media profile is an increasingly important component of your personal reputation, which is used by both individuals and businesses to make judgments about you. The good news is you have the ability to proactively manage your social media profile for your benefit.

  • Can other people see my social media profile?

    No. Your Social Insights does not share the social media profile that we create for you with anyone other than the authorised user. While other parties cannot see the specific social media profile we will create for you, they can see some or all of the information we use to create your social media profile and scores, depending on the privacy settings you have established.

Social Media Score

  • What is a social media score?

    A social media score is a psychographic score calculated from your social media profile using algorithms that assess your social media behaviour. Your social media score can be used to assess several factors, including your creditworthiness, employment status, trustworthiness and online activity patterns, among other things.

  • How is my social media score calculated?

    Your profile and scores are created based upon the information you provide to us and the available information we obtain from third parties about you, with your permission. We have an internal analytics team and also use algorithms provided by third parties to evaluate the data and create your profile and scores. Collectively, the profile and score captures and analyses thousands of data sets, including social media, other on-line data and off-line data. We apply a wide range of modelling techniques to build your assessment based upon the data we are able to obtain. These range from basic evaluations such as matching your application information with what is recorded for similar field requests recorded in other databases to the application of psycholinguistic and natural language processing techniques.

  • How does Your Social Insights access my social media accounts to calculate my social media score?

    We use the credentials you provide to us to access your social media accounts and gather the information required to calculate your score.

  • Why is my social media score important to me?

    Your social media score is a summary of your social media profile that is based on Your Social Insights proprietary algorithms. These algorithms are based on the methodology several businesses are currently using to evaluate potential customers or employees. We expect business adoption of these social media evaluations to continue increasing, and you need to be aware of what others know about you.

  • Will my social media score change over time?

    Yes. Your social media score will change as your posts and friends change. The pace with which your social media score changes will be dependent on how active you are on social media.

  • What are the most common factors that can negatively impact my social media score?

    While there are several components of your social media score, the most likely factors that will depress your score are negative comments and controversial pictures. Examples include posts about things or people you hate, fights, drinking alcohol, illegal activities, losing your job, etc. You can learn more by visiting our Community Tips section to see more detail about specific variables impacting each score.

  • How can I improve my social media score?

    You can improve your social media score by eliminating negative or controversial posts and replacing them with positive posts. Examples of positive posts might be talking about the merits of your job, supporting your friends in their accomplishments and sharing pictures of your family. The breadth and depth of your network also establishes a more robust profile of you, strengthening the validity of the scores themselves.

  • Can other people see my social media score?

    No. Your Social Insights does not share your social media score with anyone other than the authorised user. However, other companies may have created their own profile and score about you based upon similarly available information.

Social Media Services

  • What is included in the Free Trial Your Social Insights membership?

    The Free Trial Your Social Insights membership has the same benefits as the Premium Membership but comes with a 10-day free trial period for all new members.

  • How often does Your Social Insights provide me with an updated social media profile?

    Your monthly membership provides you with an updated social media profile up to four times per month at no additional cost.

  • What if I want to update my social media profile more frequently?

    You may elect to generate interim updates whenever you want up to four times per month at no charge. Scores are unlikely to change materially beyond that type of frequency.

  • What are YSI Tips ?

    YSI Tips are data driven objective assessments of your score relative to others for each different score. They are intended to be prescriptive in nature to give you a basis for improving your profile over time. We use the profile and scores we create to provide feedback based upon our understanding of how this type of information would be viewed by others. We try to objectively assess your profile from the perspective of what others might see, so that you can have it available for your own use when making decisions. We cannot guarantee this information is always accurate as circumstances may change which make the tips we provide less effective. But generally, we are trying to provide you with tools that others might use when assessing you, so that you know what they might be observing.

  • What are Community Tips ?

    Community Tips are shared experiences or advice by other members of Your Social Insights. These tips are ranked based upon the votes of the community and updated periodically based upon those assessments.

  • How can I compare myself to others ?

    We only share your assessment relative to other profiles in an aggregate basis. We do not disclose the specific individual profiles and scores of others to you, and we do not share your individual social media profile and scores with others.

  • How do I access my social media profile?

    You can access your YOURSOCIALINSIGHTS social media profile by logging into your account, which you can do here login. Upon login, you will receive access to the most current version of your social media profile.

  • Can I get YOURSOCIALINSIGHTS social media profiles for my children?

    Yes. Your Social Insights allows parents and legal guardians to monitor the social media accounts of their children who are 17 or younger. You will simply need to create a Your Social Insights account and provide us with the user credentials (user ID and password) for the children and accounts you want Your Social Insights to monitor.

On-line and Off-line Data

  • What is on-line data ?

    On-line data includes all publicly available information that is tracked about “you.” This data could be blog posts, conversations you have in a public forum, conversations you make available at your own free will to others, and tracking cookies among others. While we are initially focused on social media monitoring as a tool for your empowerment, our vision is to accumulate the same information for you to access so that you know what is used about you for your own personal use. We do not represent that we have complete information about you at all times but we do believe it is directionally correct.

  • What is off-line data ?

    Off line data includes data that is accumulated about you via public records, subscriptions, marketing lists, etc. Increasingly, we are living in a sensor driven world where many things you interact with electronically have the ability (although not always implemented) to track your actions for future use in providing you goods or services. Off-line data is often combined with on-line data in a permissible fashion to enable companies to deliver better services to you.

  • Do on-line and off-line data interact with one another ?

    Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Sharing of information is in most cases governed by rules, regulations and laws that allow, or disallow that sharing of information. When combined, on-line and off-line data create a powerful set of data points that enable users to make very sophisticated decisions that have an impact on you.

  • Does your service provide for monitoring of all of the on-line and off-line data about me ?

    No, not even close. While our goal is to do that over time, it will never be possible. There are many circumstances where your information is not permitted to be shared, either in the public or private domain without your consent. We will never be able to access that information and provide it to you. However, we do intend to start by delivering some useful tools that are directionally accurate in delivering feedback on assumptions that observers would make about you based on your activities. We intend to add additional features over time that you can use to improve your profile when incorporating these additional data elements.

  • Why should I care about my activities outside of social media ?

    Because your social media activity is increasingly digitised and aggregated into a profile intended to be about you and used for commercial benefit by organisations interacting with you.

My Account

  • What is included in my Your Social Insights account profile?

    Your Your Social Insights account profile includes your registration information, your self-selected interests, and the social media applications you have asked us to monitor. This can be found on the My Settings page from the MyYSI drop down menu. Addition personal information regarding your account profile as listed in the social media accounts you connect with can be found on the Personal Information page from the MyYSI drop down menu.

  • How do I access my Your Social Insights account profile?

    You can access your Your Social Insights account profile by logging in with your Username and Password

  • How can I change my Your Social Insights account profile?

    You can change your Your Social Insights account profile by logging in with your Username and Password.


  • How much does the Free Trial Your Social Insights membership cost?

    The Free Trial Your Social Insights social media profile is free during the trial period. After the trial period there is a monthly membership fee that is applied if you do not cancel.

  • When will I be billed for my Your Social Insights social media profile services?

    You will only be billed after the free trial period has expired and you have not cancelled your membership. Please make sure you review your Terms of Membership before signing up as pricing may change for new customers from time to time. We will not change our pricing without notifying you in advance and giving you the right to terminate membership.

  • How will I be billed for my Your Social Insights membership?

    You will provide us with the credit or debit card you want to use to pay for your Your Social Insights membership when you sign up for the service. We will bill this card until you change your account profile to reflect an alternate card, or you cancel your service. If you cancel within the free trial period, you will not be charged. We use a continuous payment authority to collect payment.

  • How can I change the credit or debit card that Your Social Insights bills every month?

    You can change your preferred credit or debit card by calling Customer Service on 1 800 551 2865. Please have your account details available for security verification purposes.

  • What if I have questions about my bill?

    If you have any questions about your bill, you must first log-in using your Username and Password. You can then email us by clicking the link in the Contact Us page or call customer service with the number in the Contact Us page.

Cancellation Policy

  • Can I cancel my Your Social Insights membership?

    You have a right to cancel your Your Social Insights membership at any time. To cancel your membership, you may login to your account and email us using the key words “Cancel Account” and providing your username and date of birth, or by calling Your Social Insights customer service.

  • Can I get a refund of my previous payments?

    Generally, no. While you can cancel your membership at any time, we do not offer refunds except in exceptional circumstances or where there has been an error on our part.

Data Protection Policy

  • How does Your Social Insights protect my personal data?

    Your Social Insights take the security of your personal data seriously and we will implement and maintain an information security program that includes appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards. We will for example only use industry standard security when processing your information or transmitting your information securely online. If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data or wish to make a subject ace request you may contact us here

  • What is the Your Social Insights privacy policy?

    Your Social Insights will never share your social profile or report data with any third Party. We will only use the information that you have provided us (such as your name address and payments details) to provide you with the social report and profile. We may however contact you from time to time by email with any special offers that we may think will be of interest to you. For our full privacy policy click here

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