Social Score Explained

Your Social Insights has developed a proprietary system for aggregating and analyzing social media data that reflects the emerging practices used by many businesses to evaluate the merits of prospective customers and employees.  We synthesize this information into an easy to read social media profile along with scores that enable you to see yourself through the eyes of prospective employers, friends and service providers.  Additionally, we provide you with insights into the components of your social media profile and relative rankings along a number of important dimensions versus your demographic peer groups and interests. We also provide trending information that allows you to see how your scores vary over time based upon changes in your behavior as well as suggestions that can enable you to actively improve your social media attractiveness in the future. 

Our social media scores are a mix of psychographic scores calculated from your social media profile as well as behavioral scores developed from algorithms that rank order your activity versus other users.  Your social media score can be used to assess several factors, including your creditworthiness, employment status, trustworthiness and online activity patterns, among other things.

Your profile and scores are created based upon the information you provide to us and the available information we obtain from third parties about you, with your permission. We have an internal analytics team and also use algorithms provided by third parties to evaluate the data and create your profile and scores. Collectively, the profile and score captures and analyzes thousands of data sets, including social media, other on-line data and off-line data. We apply a wide range of modelling techniques to build your assessment based upon the data we are able to obtain. These range from basic evaluations such as matching your application information with what is recorded for similar field requests in other databases to the application of psycholinguistic and natural language processing techniques. 

In its most basic form, our methodology can be explained as an evaluation of the words that you use and the structure and context within which you use them. Additionally, your depth and breadth of social media activity plays an important factor in the strength of your scores as well as how you rank versus others.