Our Tips

Our YSI Tips are prescriptive social fitness tips that provide a brief road map to get on the path to improving the attractiveness of your social media profile. YSI Tips start with an evaluation of your profile using the data which you provide us permission to access. We then use our algorithms to build a suite of scores that provide a snapshot about you. These scores are very similar in nature and methodology to those used by businesses to assess your psychological and behavioral characteristics and often determine the types of products that you are eligible to receive, your match for a date, job, loan or insurance policy. 

Because we know approximately the structure of the models used by businesses in developing your profile, we have an understanding of how they arrive at their conclusions about you. We are therefore able to provide you with prescriptive tips that should lead to an improvement in your social profile as perceived by those businesses. Ofcourse, that assumes that you take action ! 

Our YSI Tips assess your profile on multiple levels and provide you with feedback regarding your overall social media score, your organizational skills, reliability, connectedness, employment stability and legitimacy. Sign up for the Premium membership and enjoy the full benefit of Your Social Insights !

Community Tips are shared experiences or advice by other members of Yoursocialinsights. These tips are ranked based upon the votes of the community and updated periodically based upon those assessments.

Your social media profile is an increasingly important component of your personal reputation, which is used by both individuals and businesses to make judgments about you.  The good news is you have the ability to proactively manage your social media profile for your benefit.

You can improve your social media score by eliminating negative or controversial posts and replacing them with positive posts.  Examples of positive posts might be talking about the merits of your job, supporting your friends in their accomplishments and sharing pictures of your family.

If you use social media, you’re providing people you know – and many you do not – a window into your life.  The information you share on social media helps form an opinion about you and impacts decisions that are made about you.  If you do not use social media, there is a good chance your children do.  Even if they aren’t mature enough to understand the implications of their social media activities, their online behavior will serve as a permanent record that will impact them in the future.  Your involvement can help make sure the impact is positive.